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Mother & 7 Puppies

A few months back, in preparation for our free community spay and neuter clinic, we came across this family. They had received our flyer on their door and they reached out to us. We could tell immediately from the panic and uncertainty in the woman’s voice that she was overwhelmed. She had a mama and seven lives that she suddenly felt responsible for.

“Do you think you can help me?” she repeated in a desperate tone. These last six weeks, Poverty’s Pets has visited the family often, providing food, puppy pads and most importantly, support!! With each visit, not only did the bond between the family and Poverty’s Pets grow, but the bond between the family and the pups. They all had names now, there were favorites…like the one who chews the most, the lazy pup who they deemed the easiest and the white male, who is “dad’s favorite.”

Last week, with a lot of tears and hugs, we transported the pups into the care of the @aawlphx. We are forever grateful to have the support of the Arizona Animal Welfare League. Thank you for your patience and all the behind the scenes coordination.

As for this lovely family, who will never forget this experience, and the stray mama who chose them, they have fallen in love with her, and she has found her forever home. And as for the white pup, “dad’s favorite”, he truly is the family favorite. He, too, has found his forever home.


We are so excited to share with you that Charlie is in a foster home! It has been ten days since this slow- moving, heart tugging, broken soul crossed our path. But.. drum roll… His eyes have started to show a bit of a twinkle, and we have witnessed a few nub wags. Charlie’s health continues to improve (he tested positive for tick fever), and every day is better than the prior.

Thank you to all who shared Charlie’s story. He has landed in a foster home that has a Poverty’s Pets alumni and a few other fur-friends to help him gain confidence and find joy. His foster mom is already so proud of him, and a tad bit smitten. We will re-visit Charlie’s heart murmur once he has completed his medication. We are hopeful that Charlie will have many healthy and happy years to come.

Foster update

Charlie went to work with his foster mama today down the hall. He was soon found sleeping on the job! We hope you all have just as good of a week that Charlie will have. We think it will be his best yet!

Charlie original story & foster plea

Chico’s dad brought him in to be neutered this morning at our spay and neuter clinic. The vet let him know that Chico has a heart murmur and suggested further medical prior to his neuter. Chico’s dad no longer wants him and will not be coming back. Poverty’s Pets would like to help Chico. We are in need of a foster. Chico arrived loaded with ticks, some front leg trauma, and a bit timid. He has never been inside, and his former dad “thinks he is about five.” The vet staff says he is a really sweet, sweet dog. We have treated him for ticks, gave him a parvo shot and now all he needs is a place to decompress. We will cover all medical for Chico.

Charlie (prior life, Chico) is in need of a foster. As we do not have a shelter, and the Columbus House is busting at the seams, we are scrambling to find this sweet fella a place to decompress. Charlie had a bath, was treated for ticks, and had all the appropriate shots. An ideal foster for

Charlie is a quiet environment, routine oriented, and able to keep him separated from other pets. We just need a place for Charlie to decompress while we access his needs. Please, if you have a month or two to provide a safe place for Charlie.

Charlie is a really sweet being. We are still looking for a foster home for Charlie. In the meantime, Charlie is being boarded (not ideal) as we move forward assessing his medical needs. Dr. Ruiz (Central Phoenix Animal Hospital) confirmed Charlie’s heart murmur. The good news is that the murmur is ever so slight, and Charlie could very well live out the remainder of his life without any further heart issues. In fact, the murmur could reverse itself if it was caused by poor health or anemia. Charlie was infested with ticks and underweight. He was a backyard dog who endured years of neglect. Paws crossed that his blood work will provide us with answers.

During Charlie’s veterinarian visit, he met a few office kitties and Charlie seemed totally indifferent. Charlie loved exploring the office, sniffing every corner, and he absolutely loves to explore the outside world, walking on a leash like a champ! Charlie will make such a respectful and gracious companion. When Charlie’s prior owner did not want him back after learning he had a heart murmur, we were scrambling to find a place for Charlie to go. We called multiple boarding facilities, and no one would board Charlie based on the circumstances. A big thank you to our dear friends, @harttaz, who provided Charlie with a safe place to stay for multiple nights. Your staff/volunteers are so appreciated. You are the definition of rescue!

Recent Adoption Highlights

Biff’s adoption

Say it ain’t so →→ Biff has left the building! We no longer have to ponder, “how is Biff not adopted??” Yesterday, after multiple meets and greets, Biff began his foster to adopt with his potential dad. We are so excited for Biff, who had his playmates (Bella and Jacob) adopted from under his paws, leaving him a bit lonely. Now Biff has a fur- sister and a dad all to himself. As we say, there is a lid for every pot, and we think Biff has found himself the perfect fit. Go romp and live your best life Biff, you were a joy to have under our roof. Spread the joy.

Meet Biff

Holy moly good-looking…..and so sweet! Who is looking for a gigantic love-bug? Meet Biff! Biff is a youngster, about a year old, and built like a track star with a Hollywood face. Biff came to us in a round-about way. A volunteer was working at a local shelter and Biff was turned in because he got too big for his prior family. He was once a cute little pup and he began to grow large and he ended up in the shelter. Biff spent many months in the shelter until we had room for him at our foster house. We have learned a lot about Biff. He absolutely loves to play in the water. He does well with most dogs but does tap out after 30 minutes or so of play time. Biff will do well in a home that is active, has access to a back yard and gets plenty of exercise. Biff does great in the car, walks well on a leash and is kennel trained.