November 2024
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Rummage Sale

Thank you to all who donated and those who shopped, shopped and shopped! We grossed a whopping $17,500! The 2023 Rummage Sale was a gigantic success! Lotsa work and lotsa fun. To see soooo many familiar faces, Poverty’s Pets alumni… all of it! We are pinching our exhausted selves with gratitude. Thank you, team!

Spay & Neuter Clinics

“You build it, they will come.”

One of Poverty’s Pets most impactful work is our free community spay and neuter clinics. Dozens of companion animals are sterilized monthly, and many medical issues are addressed. Accessible and affordable spay and neuter saves lives and prevents animal suffering. We cannot adopt our way out of this man-made pet overpopulation crisis, spaying and neutering is the only solution.



Splash Bash

Well, we pulled if off! Thank you to all who came out to our annual Splash Bash Fun-raiser. We netted $4,500, beyond our wildest hopes, having to dodge the rain and postpone the event at the 11th hour. Thanks to those who who came out to support, bought raffles, and joined in on the fun. And thank you to all who donated online in support of our little grass roots organization. Big shout out to Huss Brewing Co. and Noble Beast for your support. We are already gearing up for next year.

O.H.S.O. Give Back

Several times a year we head to OHSO Brewery & Distillery for dinner & drinks. We love to see our supporters and alumni stop by and new supporters too! During these events if you mention Poverty’s Pets to your server, 20% of your total tab will be donated back to our little grass roots organization. Follow us on social media to see when our next OHSO Giveback event is!

Community Service


Our work in the underserved communities brings us face to face to the reality of backyard breeding. Our free spay and neuter clinics fill up in a New York minute. as do all the shelters, with unwanted dogs and cats, coming from these very communities. Our work focuses on the root of the problem, families in our underserved communities, whose gates wrap around their fronts yards, always closed, mostly to keep out the roaming dogs, many who are pregnant, many abandoned, many scared, most hungry, all born to suffer. Rescue work is overwhelming, never ending, depressing, with moments of joy. When we host a free community spay and neuter clinic, we place a flyer on a door, offering our services. We feel a tremendous sense of obligation to help that family when they reach out to us. Often times, the need is much greater than sterilizing their cat or dog. We met Carlos in early April. He had made an appointment to get his two backyard dogs, large german shepherds, fixed. The female had had multiple litters…”too many to remember.” Carlos did not want any more litters, and he was so grateful to find our flyer on his gate. The morning of the clinic, Carlos never showed up for his scheduled appointment. Unbeknownst to him, his female shepherd was pregnant and had given birth overnight. Through a translator, and many months later, we have worked closely with Carlos, first addressing his backyard dogs, then the littles up front. Moving forward, there will be no more litters on Carlos’ property. Folks like Carlos jump on the opportunity to have affordable and accessible spay and neuter. Sadly, there are not enough resources available to help with our pet over-population crisis. We know where the dogs are coming from. Spay and neuter is the only way to empty out our shelters. It prevents suffering on every level. We are so grateful to our rescue partners, @deserttails and @harttaz. To have your support changed so many lives, including Carlos’.

Poverty’s Pets community service work saves lives, improves lives, and prevents suffering. A few months back, we came across a home that had multiple dogs on the property. A mama, papa and puppies in the backyard, in the dirt and heat, and little dogs in the front, matted, ticks and a stench that had you breathing through your mouth. Over time, earning trust and simply offering our help, there are now two dogs left on the property. Although the remaining dogs’ lives are not ideal, they are greatly improved and they will no longer contribute to the pet over-population epidemic. When Ms. Greta was spayed back in April, we were made aware that she was in great discomfort and in need of a dental. Earlier this week, Ms. Greta had 20 teeth removed and to our delight, the owner turned her over to us. A GIGANTIC thank you to our pals @harttaz, who not only provided aftercare for Greta after her surgery, they have committed to her. Greta will soon find her forever home, an INSIDE home… and live happily ever after. She is the sweetest little thing, with such soulful eyes that scream,
“Thank you.”