To end suffering and overpopulation of animals in low-income and underserved communities with a focus on spay and neuter.

Phoenix Animal Welfare Solutions (P.A.W.S.) consists of a group of concerned citizens who believe the state of animal welfare in the City of Phoenix to be inconsistent, insufficient and neglectful. Animal abuse continues to go unchecked in our underserved communities.

We are advocating for cost effective changes regarding how the City of Phoenix addresses animal abuse, neglect and suffering in these communities. Our objective is simple: pet-owners must be held accountable, but this is only possible with adequate laws, enforcement, and joint efforts across departments.

Pools For Pups

Poverty’s Pets delivers out close to 100 pools during the summer months. Our goal is always to communicate with the owner as we never want to miss an opportunity to educate. A pool, if kept in the shade, offers instant relief and can be life-saving.